10 Signs You Live at the Gym

“Gym rat” – it’s a title they proudly wear. You can spot them from their toned physiques, the intensely confident glint in their eyes that seem to say “I can take you right here, right now” and the callouses on their hands from days at the gym without lifting gloves. Here are a few other signs you might live at the gym:


1. You spend your entire day fantasizing about your evening workout


The dream of warm metal in your palms is what gets you through the day.


2. You wear your gym clothes everywhere on weekends…because why not?

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 5.10.11 PM

You’ll be at the gym most of the day anyway – why bother putting on regular clothing?


3. You’re up to date with all the latest work out technology and gym trends


Adidas‘s new ClimaChill line of women’s clothing, woven with titanium and industry-first 3D aluminum cooling spheres? Yup, you’ve heard of it. And maybe you’re even curious to try it?


4. You have a specific set of gym friends whom you see on a regular basis


It’s a matter of convenience. Maybe it’s because the crazy hours you both spend at the gym make your schedules more compatible, or maybe it’s just easier to all grab a drink or a meal after a grueling work out.


5. You’re tagged in a ridiculous number of work out pictures on Facebook


If you’re part of CrossFit, the majority of your tagged pictures on Facebook are probably of you at the gym dead lifting a new record, doing kettlebells or, God forbid, burpees (even a gym rat’s nightmare). And gym selfies? Check 🙂


6. Your usual excuse when late is “Sorry, I was at the gym” or “My work out routine ran late”

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 4.54.36 PM

Maybe the free weights section was packed or there was a line for the stationary bike.


7. You know your gym’s employees and trainers by name


The personal trainers, Mo and Ahmed and “Z”? You know them all. And you’d be personally offended if they didn’t greet you on your way in.


8. You plan your social life around your gym schedule


Work out first, play later.


9. You pre-make protein shakes at home just so you can take them with you to the gym


There are lots of muscle building supplements but you’re either you’re a whey person or a casein person – and you have regular fights with people about which is better.


10. If you skip a work out (…the horror!), you can’t sleep due to a sense of overwhelming guilt and anxiety.


Not just feelings of misplaced self-hatred, but you also feel a genuine need to apologize personally to trainers and your fellow gym rats – all whom you feel that you’ve somehow let down by being absent.


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