Meet The Egyptian National Women’s Handball Team That Won A Gold Medal At The African World Cup!

These champions have got everything that makes them world cup winners already, they have got the soul, team spirit, and above everything else, the love of the sport. Not only that, but they also got qualified for the world cup in 2016 in Russia which was a real surprise to the Handball Federation. Now, they are in their second participation in the world cup 2018 in Hungary

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Here is our interview with the First National Women’s Handball team to ever win a Gold Medal in the African Cup, and they were also the first to enter an international tournament, which was the Mediterranian, and they earned the bronze medal.  We contacted Lama Elshawarby, the most enthusiastic goalkeeper and she told us this!

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What do you think is the missing factor that can take you to the first place in this year’s tournament? 

We believe that there is not only one missing factor, there are many factors missing, starting from the preparation for the tournament, which started only 2 months beforehand, and the absence of a weightlifting coach or a fitness coach.

What Characteristics do you think defines a handball player? 

Mostly, a handball player should attain a very powerful spirit, whether in the field or with the whole team and of course, a player should have physical strength and high level of fitness.

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Why do you think Women’s Handball is not getting the attention it deserves in Egypt? 

Maybe because no one actually sees women in anything that is successful, which is sad to admit, but still happens. Adding to that; Handball is not getting half of the attention that Football is getting in Egypt.

What defines the “Dream Team”? 

There are a lot of qualities and facilities that should be present in order for a team to really excel. Essential elements like the preparation, a very qualified coach, technical and coaching staff, and of course a fitness coach.

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Is the government supporting you in any way

We have not received any support, and we wish we could get supported and motivated the same way other teams are.

How do you keep the spirit lit among your team?  

Since we started we keep ourselves super motivated, both on the field and as individuals. We always try to “keep our soul on fire”.

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Who is your greatest motivator as individuals and as a whole team? 

We are really self-motivated, we keep on pushing ourselves and our biggest motivation is our constant success and scores, which makes it even harder for us because this team knows and will never accept failure!

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WE SAID THIS: We couldn’t be more proud of our Women’s National Handball Team!