16 Questions Every Arab Kid Who Watched Cartoons Still Wants Answers For

We tend to question everything as adults. We don’t know whether it’s because of our trust issues, or the weight of the world on our shoulders threatening to break us at any moment, or George R. R. Martin killing off our favorite characters in Game of Thrones.

But what we know for sure is that as kids, we believed in everything and didn’t question it one bit. Santa Claus, Omena El-3’oola and much more. We are gathered today to take a trip down memory lane, back when we watched cartoons (we still do 3ala fekra), except this time we want freaking answers.




If Bakar debuted in 1990, why the hell is he still a child? Is he the Egyptian Peter Pan?






Ash Ketchum as well! Why is he not 20+ something years old?






What do Pokemons do inside their Poke balls? Are they safe? Is there enough space for them to sleep comfortably?






Why does Aphrodite have rocket boobs?






Will Pinky and the Brain ever freakin’ take over the world wala da kalam w khalas?






Why did it take Captain Maged three fu*king episodes to kick the ball?






And why did everyone in that cartoon have fabulous hair while playing football? What hair products did they use begad?






Speaking of hair, why did Pocahontas also always have stunning hair when we never saw her brush it at all???


giphy (1)




As well as everyone in Dragon Ball Z! What hairspray do you use, Goku? 






Why are Pluto and Goofy both dogs but only Pluto pretends to be human?






Were Boogie and Tamtam married to each other? Or were they siblings?? WHAT IS THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO EACH OTHER???






Why are all those giraffes and zebras happy when they are Simba’s dinner?






How is detective Conan ALWAYS RIGHT? Can you fu*k up showeya? 






Did Reemy ever find her mom?






Or Zeina the bee?






But the most important question of all: Why the fu*k did the cars in Sabek w La7ek never run out of batteries? 






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