15 Reasons Why 2016 Wasn’t Actually the Worst Year Ever

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For almost all of December, everyone has been criticizing, blaming and shamming 2016 ,and yes, before you start cursing me, I know that the Egyptian pound is still snorkeling, a church has just exploded and Egypt’s running out of sugar, but hey, let’s try and look at the bright side. What’s that? Well, let me show you.



ToDo brownies became a thing


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Fifi Abdou using El Snab


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Hepta redefining romantic movies


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The one and only “A7la w A7la” album was released by vampire Amr Diab


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Grand Hotel happened and Anoushka and Amina Khalil came to our lives 


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The rise of the crazy Sara Sabry on social media with her hilarious vines


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We got introducted to 4G in Egypt and the #جيل_بيكمل_جيل Vodafone campaign


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This El Dondoo kid was everyone’s favorite everything


Via Juhayna
Via Juhayna



Egypt defeating Ghana in their last football match together


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#RedBullFelShare3 took over Cairo and Alexandria and and we can’t wait for it to happen again


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And how can we forget about KenzoXH&M at Citystars?


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Nour ElSherbiny winning Best Female Squash player





Coca-Cola Egypt brought the ice bottles to us 


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Pokemons invaded every part of Egypt


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Kinda Alloush and Amr Youssef made us believe in true love 


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WE SAID THIS: what a roller-coaster of emotions remembering all of these crazy moments. I have to admit, I hope 2017 bring us more fun, joy and happiness. Happy new year!