14 Things Every Youngest Sibling Will Relate To

Having siblings isn’t always as fun as it seems, especially if you’re the youngest! Yes, they pass on a great deal of experience and are always on the look out for you, but will your siblings ever realize that you’re not just a kid anymore?

We tend to have a love/hate relationships with those that require unconditional love from us – aka family – and though we do get away with a lot by acting up the role of being the innocent little kid, sometimes it can be really annoying!

Here are 14 things that every youngest sibling will understand:



1. You get away with things because your parents can’t bother with strict rules anymore





2. Somehow you’re always “still too young” in everyone’s eyes



Your siblings think, “You’re what? 12 now?” when you’re almost 20!



3. You’re always picked on – and sometimes played with – by your siblings





4. If you’re lucky, one of your parents may be there to defend you or save you. If not…





5. You always have to be the one to apologize first!



Why? Because you’re the youngest, duh!



6. Your siblings pick you up and drop you off everywhere, not your parents



Be sure to be nice and bring them breakfast in bed, eh!



7. Hand-me-downs. All kinds of them!



Toys, clothes, gadgets, even cars. You sometimes feel like you’re a charity case.



8. Your siblings’ friends are your friends, too



And your own friends have a crush on your siblings.



9. You’re thrilled to tag along in “grown-up” outings



Now, it’s up to you to be everyone’s puppy/toy or everyone’s pain in the neck.



10. Your parents aren’t as pushy when it comes to studying, sports, hobbies and the likes



You’re almost left to do what you want. Almost.



11. You get all kinds of “the talk” from your elder brother or sister



They know better! Your siblings are even more protective than your parents because “they’ve seen things”.



12. Your drama is somehow less important than theirs



The world turned upside down when it was your sister’s final exams; but when it was time for yours, she’s getting married, so your finals are trivial in comparison.



13. They’re the ones who teach you how to put makeup on, how to drive and basically how to be cool!





14. You’re never too old to be cuddled by everyone



You’re forever the family’s baby.



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