Viral Visual: ‘Meen Homma’ Campaign Highlights Egyptian Stereotypes that Need to Change

We’ve been stereotyping people without even realizing it our entire lives. We were brought up in a way to follow the rules of what society and culture expected of us and through those beliefs, we have judged and stereotyped quite a great deal without even questioning who these people are or if the opinion we’ve generated about them is actually right.

Recently, two young graphic designers, Nourhan Moaz and Ghada Wali, have created a new campaign called “Meen Homma” with the slogan فكر اقبل اتغير, which translates into “think, accept, change”. They have tackled some of the most common assumptions we make and ask us to question our beliefs by doing just that, thinking, accepting and changing our perception of these widely held beliefs.




Left: Who says you’re a “man” if you take your rights by force?

Right: Who says a high GPA means you had to study medicine or engineering?




Who says that a girl who smokes is “indecent”?




Left: Who says all women can’t drive?

Right: Who says that every secretary has to be having an affair with her boss?




Left: Who says that a guy and girl sitting together means they are in a relationship?

Right: Who says that you’re not a “man” if you cry?




Who says it’s “rude” to talk about sex?




Who says that a girl who goes home late is a “slut”?




Who says a “man” shouldn’t take money from women?




Who says that anyone who works in the Gulf is a millionaire?




Who says that a girl who cuts her hair short is a “tomboy”?




Left: Who says a guy is “gay” just because he’s wearing pink?

Right: Who says a “man” has to be muscular?




Who says a woman with a loud laugh is a “ho”?




Who says wearing too much makeup makes you “indecent”?




Left: Who says your “spoiled” if you go to a private university?

Right: Who says a “man’s” words aren’t negotiable?




Who says that a divorced woman will be unfair to her kids?




Left: Who says it’s “inappropriate” for a girl to say she has her period?

Right: Who says you’re “crazy” if you go to a psychiatrist?




Who says that if you’re over thirty, you’re a “spinster”?




Left: Who says a “man” shouldn’t grow his hair?

Right: Who says a belly dancer is a “slut”?



WE SAID THIS: For more information on this campaign and the designers, visit their behance page here.