14 Signs You’re A Frequent Traveler

Traveling frequently is either considered a blessing or a woe. Whichever way you choose to look at it, you can’t travel frequently without having some signs show on you. If you can relate to most of these things, then you are definitely a frequent traveler:



1. You struggle to find empty pages on your passport





 2. You can recite every single word from the safety video they play at the beginning of each flight





3. Airports feel like a second home to you





4. And you can find your way around any airport even if you’ve never been to it before





5. You do most of your shopping at the Duty Free and almost all of the items you own are not purchased from your country





6. You can’t define the word “home” anymore as you leave a part of yourself in every place you visit





7. Packing is a science you’ve mastered




8. You travel too much that your luggage never gets to enter the storage room





9. You know a few basic phrases (and a not so few swear words) in almost every language





10. You have change from every country you visited in your wallet





11. And you can convert currencies on the spot


Currency exchange board



12. You have about 10 travel-related apps on your phone





13. You’re part of at least five different airline loyalty programs





14. And if you travel with an airline frequently enough, you start bumping into the same air hosts when you fly with them


Emirates Airlines flight attendants serv



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