Dieting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Dieting is one of the most popular topics of conversation, whether you’re a man or a woman. Between crash diets and popular regimens, dieting does have its consequences if you don’t do it right.

The best guarantee for weight loss and healthy living is eating healthy and exercising.

Here are some very common mistakes that you should avoid when dieting:



Setting Unrealistic Goals


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You are not going to lose 10 kilos in three days. Not only is it very difficult, but very unhealthy. Setting realistic goals are important so that you don’t set yourself up for failure. When you don’t lose the 20 kilos by the end of the week, you’ll end up feeling discouraged and may end up binging. If you’re unsure about a realistic goal, speak to a dietitian.



Avoiding Breakfast



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I can’t stress this enough. Skipping breakfast makes you hungry the rest of the day, which leads to snacking and binging at lunchtime. If you eat a breakfast full of fiber and protein, you will actually curb your hunger for the rest of the day, while also jump starting your metabolism.



Crash Diets



Maybe you’re on a liquid diet, or only eating cabbage soup, either way – crash diets are the worst thing for your metabolism. While the pounds might actually melt away, you’re also slowing down your metabolism due to the lack of calories in your diet. Once the diet is over and you return to a normal diet, you’ll have a body that burns slower.



Eating “Low-Fat” Foods



Don’t be fooled by the low-fat labels. Most people indulge in low-fat treats, feeling guilt-free. What they don’t realize is that low fat does not mean low calorie, meaning that you may end up eating more calories than had you just had regular food.



Drinking Your Calories



Calories don’t just come in foods. We tend to overlook the calories in our drinks, as well. Fancy iced coffees, sodas, and other sweet beverages are full of sugar and calories and don’t curb your hunger.



Not Drinking Enough Water


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Another extremely important point. Water is the most important thing in a healthy diet. If you are dehydrated, your metabolism begins to slow down, making it harder to lose weight. Research suggests that adults who drink eight or more glasses of water a day burn more calories. It’s also great for your skin, hair, and all other organs. I suggest drinking a glass of ice-cold water first thing in the morning. Adding lemon and cucumbers to your water also have incredible health benefits.



Dieting without Exercise



Diet and exercise work hand in hand. A healthy body begins in the kitchen. You won’t achieve the same results if you’re exercising and eating fast food as you would while eating clean. Make sure you’re getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day to keep your metabolism strong and your heart pumping. Exercise also releases endorphins, putting you in a great mood.



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