12 Relaxing Pictures of Ras Shitan That Will Give You Peace of Mind

Bookworms, lovers of local hand-made jewelry, yogis, photographers, stargazers, and basically any member of the Chillax Club, this one is for you!


Fun fact: Ras Shati’an is the actual name of the place, that I’m about to obsess about.Iits literal meaning is ‘head with two beaches.’ Commonly known as Ras Shitan now, it is a beach in the coastal town of Nuweiba. It is located on the Eastern part of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.


What I’m about to show you are pictures, that I have taken, during my time in Ras Shitan. I can guarantee you that these pictures will help you feel calm and relaxed AF. Oh, and you’re welcome.












WE SAID THIS: Ras Shitan is a true piece of heaven on earth.