Ramadan Fashion: 10 Designers That Are Absolutely Slaying It

Whether you’re interested in fashion or not, you can’t help but notice the recent Ramadan fashion trends that are revolutionizing the way we see abayas. To celebrate this, we’ve brought you the 10 designers that have been wowing us with their Ramadan collections.



1-  Katya Kovtunovich



Kovtunovich is a Russian designer who is a former Vogue journalist. Her eye-catching designs received major recognition from millions in the Arab world. Beach dresses and kaftans are her signature designs, they tend to be inspired by Emirati culture.



2- Salma Yasser & Yasmine Yasser



Lou Couture is founded by two sisters, Salma and Yasmine Yasser. Their line was launched two years ago. Their Ramadan 2017 collection includes kaftans and vests, inspired by Indian colors and traditional Moroccan styles.



3- Donia El-Gindy



El-Gindy has been in the fashion industry for five years. She launched her first Ramadan collection last year, and it was a huge success. She uses unique fabrics and adds distinctive twists to her wearable designs, in order for them to stand out.



4- Nahla El-Alfy



An engineer and a mother of two, El-Alfy released her first collection in summer 2015.  Her designs are placed on display in several stores: Vintage Boutique, Zagstore, Flair and Boho Boutique. Her brand is inspired by the bohemian aesthetic, making her garments loose, embroidered and colorful.



5-  Hela Debesse


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Debesse entered the Egypt’s local fashion industry last year, with her Ramadan bishts and abayas. She had always wondered why local Egyptian designers don’t create  designs that are actually and truly inspired by Egyptian culture, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. She decided to do something about this, and do that she did.



6- Pakinam Boghdady



Boghdady is a fashion designer, stylist and art director. She launched her first collection four years ago, after she deciding to shift her career from a teaching assistant to a fashion designer. You’ll find the latest trends incorporated in her loose and modest designs. She uses neutral colors such as black, white and grey; and she spices things up with colorful accessories.



7- Rana Madkour



A girl who wears Rana Madkour’s designs “is crazy, but is also cute; she loves different stuff and doesn’t care about being different,” Rana Madkour herself would always say. You can see a glimpse of Madkour’s soul in all of her designs. The details in her pieces speak up for themselves.



8- Nihal Samir



Samir is a 34 year-old Egyptian designer. She  initially started creating designs for herself, her family members and her friends, who all eventually ended up encouraging her to launch a Ramadan collection.



9- Farah Attef & Radwa Attef



Sisters Farah and Radwa Attef are known for using beautiful Egyptian fabrics. Their handmade products are executed by producers who work from home, under their supervision, of course, to ensure the best quality products. You can order their clothing online, or you can find it in Fashion Avenue, Vintage Boutique and Obsession Boutique.



10- Sara Beshier


Beshier uses a lot of black and red in her Morocco-inspired casual chic kaftans. Her Ramadan collection is a mixture between the latest cuts of 2017, and local traditional Moroccan fabrics.



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