11 Types of People You Will Always Find at Cairo Jazz Club

If you are not one to party amongst pretentious folks, then you must be one of the many Cairo Jazz Club addicts. No matter how many venues open in Cairo, this bar will forever rule the reign. With its impressive list of local and international live music acts, everyone has a place there.

No matter where you are from, which music genre speaks to you or what your favored dress code is, you will find one day in the week at CJC that speaks to your persona.

And no matter how many years go by, two things will remain a constant: how strong the venue is going and the 11 types of people you find there:



The artist



The live band’s mysterious vocalist serenades the crowd, exuding bad boy vibes and leaving people entranced. Whether he is an aspiring singer/songwriter or a big name, girls will be surrounding him like piranhas waiting to attack.



The hipster



He knows he stands out and he knows girls are staring. He socializes with literally everyone inside. He wants people to think he’s humble, but come on, let’s face it, he is anything but modest – especially if he is one of those few with a man bun.



The loner at the bar



This is someone we aspire to be: the guy who deems it perfectly fine to go by himself for a drink at the most crowded bar in Cairo. Our years of Cairo Jazz Clubbing has confirmed that this is either a contemplating guy who just got fired, one escaping marital drama or someone wondering why he doesn’t have similar orange walls back home.



The groupies



These are the ones following their favorite band everywhere they play. They have their gig schedule saved, they text each other days ahead and are usually standing five centimeters away, dreaming of that sing-along moment.



The DJ’s friend 



If you are this guy, please enlighten us: What exactly are you doing lurking behind him in the dark? This is becoming a plague in clubs; you will not find a DJ without at least three guys standing behind him. They are not even dancing, they are just there. If that is not bromance, I don’t know what is.



The foreigners



No doubt this is a flawless hangout for expats and tourists who are in the mood for a great time without the pretentiousness of other Cairo hot spots.



The dancer


small_CairoJazz 28-5-2012 - MO Hany-56

The one who can’t stop dancing, spinning and goofing around occasionally, no matter how tired or how crowded the dance floor is.



The complainer



Every group of friends is cursed by that nagger who cannot stop complaining about the how smoky and crowded the place is, while lighting a cigarette himself.



The hippies


UntitledknjkGrouped together having seemingly deep and serious conversations, we’d like to imagine they are discussing existential questions regarding evolution, art and theater.



The “I just turned 25” girl



She is overdoing it at everything – drinking, dancing, laughing and makeup. She is the happiest girl in Egypt.



The group of single boys who can’t get in



The infamous line outside the bar, packed with single guys confronting their sad single status in front of everyone, while looking desperately at all the passersby for a girl he knows.



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