10 Reasons You Can’t Live Without A Virgo

For some reason, I am completely surrounded by Virgos! My two sisters are Virgos, more than half my closest friends are Virgos, not to mention every guy I’ve ever been attracted to (okay, not every guy, but most of them!).

So I have to admit, I kind of have a thing for them. They’re the people of my past, my present and my future, the kind of people who stick around and take a place in your heart, which becomes forever theirs.

That got me thinking, there must be certain attributes from this specific star sign that makes these people so special to my heart. Just putting it into words has made me appreciate every little thing they do.



1. “Perfectionist” is an understatement



With an eye for detail, Virgos find it hard to sleep, breathe or eat until they’ve perfected every little inch of whatever they have at hand. They find pleasure in displaying their talents and love being turned to for the final touches to make it shine.

So when they do spot the flaws before anything else, remember it’s not about criticism or arrogance, these guys are just so used to everything being sleek and smooth to perfection that they won’t let you get away with anything less than perfect. Stand aside, guys, and let these guys do their job… they KNOW what they’re doing!



2.Virgos are natural healers



They make the perfect friends, companions and partners because of this main point. They have this miraculous balance of giving you the space you need, but know when you’re ready and need to let things out. Even if you’re not much of a talker, they have a natural gift of knowing how to extract the words out of you, without forcing them out.

The comfort, tranquility and peace of mind you feel around Virgos is a feeling I’ve personally never felt with anyone else and for that I am truly grateful for every Virgo in my life. They just have this magical gateway that leads straight to your heart.



3. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most dependable of them all? Virgos!



You know that carefree feeling you get when someone tells you not to worry? That’s exactly how Virgos make you feel. Whether it’s emotional support or just knowing you can call them up in the middle of the night for any reason and they will take care of it, Virgos are extremely dependable. Whatever you throw their way, they somehow make it their business and invest a ridiculous amount of effort into helping you with whatever it is you need.



4. Every Virgo lives in their own little bubble



When a Virgo’s mind is set, it is very difficult to change. They have the ability to convince themselves of a certain theory and just completely be in denial of what the real world is all about. They use their own little bubble as a protective shield against the world and can live in denial to save themselves and the world from a whole load of negativity.

It’s actually quite healthy, too, escaping the real world and living in a vision of happiness that reflects the joyous human beings they are. Don’t hold it against them, they just prefer to surround themselves with positive energy. Wasn’t that how Wonder Land was created?



5. Wisdom and practicality are a Virgo’s key attributes



Most Virgos are wise beyond their years. They’re not the kind of people who will impulsively do something stupid and look back to regret it. So if a Virgo goes out of their way for you, know that it wasn’t just by coincidence, but a lot of thought and effort have gone into it.

Having said that, understand that a Virgo is very practical and can push their emotions or dreams aside and adapt to the situation at hand just because it is the logical thing to do. So instead of being the dreamer who sits back and watches the world flourish, they’re the ones that put two and two together and actually do something about it!



6. They’re extremely independent



When a Virgo has something in mind, there’s no stopping them! They have this amazing ability to get even the hardest of jobs done completely alone from beginning to end! It’s not that they don’t need people around them, because they do. It’s just that Virgos don’t let people weigh them down and that is why the tend to be quite successful.



7. They cherish their roots



Wherever a Virgo is, their roots will always be a huge part of who they are. It shows in every step they take, the way they think, the decisions they make and their vision of the future. A true Virgo is very loyal to their traditions, values and morals and will not break them under any circumstances.



8. They have mastered self-control



One of the things I’ve always admired about Virgos is the self control and determination they have. It might be a mix of their practicality along with their abilities to convince themselves of whatever they want to, but they truly are able to control their actions, avoid temptations (apart from their guilty pleasure, like chocolate :D) and be rational in the most difficult of situations.



9. Their actions speak louder than words



Virgos tend to be misunderstood and come off as cold or indifferent because they do not know how to express their feelings. This is far from true! Just because they aren’t able to put their feelings into words, it doesn’t mean they don’t care. A Virgo will put a whole lot of effort into making your day with actions. You might always be on their minds, but they just don’t know how to communicate it as well.

Don’t let their guard or protective shield scare you into thinking they don’t care. So once you’ve gotten over that and learn to judge by their actions, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what they have difficulty formulating in words and I assure you, that will be more than you’ve ever dreamed of!



10. There’s a special side of them only you get to see



Once you’ve gotten over their protective shield and gotten past that wall they’ve put up, you will see a special side of a Virgo that you never knew existed! Their facade will start to disappear and you’ll feel like a super star getting special treatment and insights that no one else gets to experience. That mysterious relationship that is just for you is the best feeling anyone could ever wish for.



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