10 Reasons Why Leos Are Just Too Awesome To Be True

The more I think of my character or attributes, the more I feel that being a Leo is literally in my blood. Everything about me roots back to that. It’s like I’m a Leo to the core. Don’t get me wrong, that’s something I just love!

I’ve always had a thing for Leos. As cliche as it sounds, every time I encounter a Leo, it’s like a door to my heart just opens. I’m not being racist or anything, I just prefer my kind. If you’ve been close to a Leo, you’ll know why!

No, don’t go and check what horoscopes have to say about us, because honestly that just won’t do us justice at all. They tend to portray us as one of the worst star signs with the most horrendous attributes combined together. Well, not all of them. There are some Online horoscopes that are more accurate and understanding of us lion-like folk. You just have to be careful you’re reading the better ones.

We’re far from angels, I must agree. But when you’ve gotten to know a Leo, you’ll know that having them in your life is a true blessing.

Being a Leo myself, I decided I could use a reminder of just how awesome we are. So instead of sitting around and waiting for someone to compliment me or boost my ego, I decided to do it myself! (Yes, we have an ego, we’re not perfect… but come pretty damn close to perfection!)

To every other star sign out there, here is why having us in your life is the best thing that’s ever happened to you!


Loyalty is our trademark


Although the word “loyalty” might be extinct in your dictionary, to us Leos it is one of our key attributes. Once a Leo has given you their word, there’s no going back. A Leo might be quite flirtatious and enjoy the attention from many people around them, but once their heart is set on someone, you become their centre of attention and go blind to anyone or anything else.


Generosity is in our blood

Give me your heart

We might not be so practical, but we’d be willing to spend a fortune just to make the people around us happy. It’s not just about money, but anything we can give is yours, if you’ve proved worthy.


Our positivity is contagious


No matter how down you’re feeling, being around a Leo who’s in a good mood will literally boost your spirits. Leos usually have a positive take on life and are always ready to offer advice or influence your mood to spread that positivity.

That being said, stay away from a Leo who’s feeling gloomy because this gift works both ways and negativity is just as contagious as positivity. (See, we acknowledge our flaws, too!)


We’ve got your back

best_friends (1)

If there’s one person you can rely on, it’s a Leo! It might be difficult to enter the brick wall that Leos put up around the circle of trust, but once you do, you’ve made yourself a lifetime companion that will always be there for you, ready to give up the world and come to your rescue anytime, anywhere.


We’re fun to be around

Part of being a Leo is having a gift of being quite entertaining. There isn’t a dull moment that goes by with a Leo, they always have a story to tell with a different perspective that keeps the discussions going or even just the crazy thoughts and impulsive acts that results in tons of laughs and fun memories.


We make up for the wrong we’ve done


We might find it difficult to apologize, but we sure make up for that and any wrong we might’ve done in every way possible. Whether it’s flowers, a gift or something that reminded us of you, a Leo will pour out forgiveness through acts, making you feel better than just hearing some lame apology.


We make our loved ones feel like royalty


When a Leo falls in love, they make it their life mission to make their loved ones feel like royalty. There is nothing more delightful than being pampered by a Leo. Wherever they go, they pick up things that remind them of you, make you small, affectionate gifts that speak out of love and devotion. A Leo will make you feel that you’re the most important person on earth and that your happiness is all that matters to them.


We’re fighters to the core


A Leo will fight for you or with you like no one else. Yes, we’re determined. Yes, we’re stubborn. But when we truly believe in something, there’s no stopping us. We’d have to get hit by a bus to finally realize that we should stop fighting or that the universe is against us and even then we’d still be easily triggered to start fighting all over again.

I must warn you though, a Leo will give many chances, but once they’re through, it’s over! So don’t go abusing it or it’ll be your loss.


Our charm is irresistible

You might hate us, be jealous of us or even want to kill us! But there’s no denying how charming a Leo can be. To be honest, Leos take advantage of this attribute like no other. We use our charms to get what we want, get out of trouble or even as part of our leadership techniques. (We do make pretty good leaders!)


We’re practically unbreakable



The saying, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” was probably made for Leos! You might break a Leo’s heart, but it’ll only get them more focused, more practical and more productive in every aspect of their life!

So let’s just get this straight, you’ll never find anyone quite as amazing as a Leo, they’ll give you crap and make you feel worthless for breaking their heart and they’ll use it to their advantage and be ridiculously productive. Think twice (or a zillion times) before you walk down that lane.


WE SAID THIS: Happy Birthday to every Leo out there!