8 Things We Won’t Miss from Sahel Season

(Mostapha Halim)
(Mostapha Halim)
(Mostapha Halim/500px)

There is no denying that Sahel season is one of – if not the best seasons of the year. No cares in the world, beach, sea, friends, great weather and, not to mention, a pretty happening night life, as of late.

But a little voice in our head is kind of glad this summer season on the North Coast is coming to an end. Here’s why:



1. Pre-party planning



Our old-fashioned cozy Sahel is now officially a wanna-be Mykonos/Ibiza (basically party center) and that’s fine and everything, but let’s talk about the pre-party planning. I can’t.

You’re calling people, people are calling you. Plus one. Membership. Table. Lounge. Can you pick up the tickets now? Missed calls. No, he bailed. Bottles? You need to be there before one. You get the picture. Basically, thank you, Sahel, for the amazing nights, but we opted for a post-party morning headache not the opposite. Kefaya.



2. Instagram overload



We all do this. As soon as you set your eyes on that beautiful beach you want to snap a picture and edit, add caption and upload. Absolutely okay. But if you’re doing this three times a day (selfie and the sea, feet and the sea, Polaroid and the sea), that’s when we need to call it a day.

Hashtag “I belong in the ocean”. Hashtag “Wish I was a mermaid” Hashtag sahel, sea, sun, fun, summer, best, friends, amazing, time, marassi, summer I love you, Ganz I love you, Ganz I love me, Ganz, Ganz, Ganz. Kefaya.



3. Coca-Cola Cans with Names



Begad kefaya.



4. Humidity



Sahel weather is amazing. Sun with a side of sea in the morning and a cool breezy wind at night: absolute perfection. However, there’s one thing every Egyptian girl will be glad to make it back to Cairo for – lower humidity levels. We’re not sure what exactly goes on, but that was not the hair we left our house with. Sahel bad hair days –Kefaya.



5. The Drive



Sometimes the drive to Sahel can be a relaxing one (once you’re done with the traffic part), but we’re so tired of the drive back and forth every weekend, not to mention the back, neck, ass pains and the safety issues. It’s been a good ride Sahel, (pun definitely intended) but we’re so over the weekly 250 kilometers. Kefaya.



6. “Trakaat”



Congrats on discovering Soundcloud, buddy. Sure, your music taste is incredible, if that’s what’s going to make you sleep at night. But no, I don’t want to listen to another remix of another track that you probably just Shazamed at last night’s party. You didn’t produce, mix or tune anything, so stop acting like you did. Kefaya.



7. Reflective shades



‘Shab El Sahel’, mannn am I going to miss those reflective shades. They were the perfect to-go-to mirrors to fix that out of control hair-do.



8. Veiled girls issues



Are veiled girls “allowed” into anywhere anymore?



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