10 Annoying Instagram Hashtags You Need to Stop Using

Instagram is a platform that’s gaining more following and recognition by the second. Which is great! What isn’t great is some of the annoying hashtags we see every day. Nonetheless, if you are interested in getting more followers on Instagram then you will find plenty of support across the web!

Here’s a list of the hashtags that people just #need #to #stop #using:



1. #insta anything


Why do people put the word insta at the beginning of any hashtag? I don’t even want to tell you how many nights this question has kept me awake.



2. #Hashtagging #every #single #word



Really, really not necessary.



3. #nofilter, when there clearly is one…



Girl, you aren’t fooling anyone!



4. Hashtagging someone’s name


If they’re not a celebrity, just stick to tagging them.



5. #aphrasethatislongenoughtobeasentence


This makes sense to no one.



6. #ootd


The hastag itself is fine. But when it’s paired with a plain white T and a pair of jeans, I just don’t get it.



7. #foodporn, when it’s the most disgusting food picture ever taken



We give you Martha Stewart, queen of (disgusting) food (pictures).



8. #tagsforlikes, #likeforlike, #followme, #followback, #follow



Now that’s just plain desperate.



9. #hashtag


Whyyy hashtag hashtag!? And the most disturbing part is that we actually found almost 10 million posts with #hashtag.



10. #skinnygirlproblems


Because #firstworldproblems just didn’t make us hate our lives enough.



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