10 Things Only AUCians Would Understand

Every AUCian knows that the instant you get accepted and branded with an AUC ID card, you become part of a community that is shielded from others – whether you like it or not.

The campus may seem a certain way from the outside, but no one knows what goes on inside but us. Here are some things that ONLY an AUC student would understand:



1. Overenthusiastic club recruitment members


Walking in the plaza and having four clubs approach you to join their club. No, I’m not trying to start up new ventures aimed at stabilizing the economy and spreading knowledge to the youth of Egypt, I’m just trying to get food.



2. Useless morning gaps



Waking up for your 8:00am class only to reach campus and see an e-mail from your professor saying that class is cancelled…



3. Registration process


tumblr_mgw3ocbz8s1r3ssslo2_500 (1)

Going into banner at 12:00pm a boy, and coming out at 12:03pm a man.



4. TBS having everything BUT the sandwich you wanted to order


Trying to be healthy and going to TBS instead of McDonald’s and after waiting 20 minutes in line, you find out there’s no brown bread.



5. Dodging golf carts



When you have to walk from the library all the way to the PVA and even after almost being run over by a golf cart, they don’t let you ride.



6. Failed plans of going to the gym


workout gif

As a freshman, you planned to go to the gym every other day, but in reality, you stepped foot into it just once – and it was to ask for directions.



7. Seeing a swarm of Abercrombie sweats walking around campus


Getting used to the idea that the guys seem to have implemented their own uniform made up of grey and blue Abercrombie sweatpants that have to be worn every day.



8. An army of girls who think they’re on the runway in Milan Fashion Week


giphy (1)

No need for classes, these chicas have got their eyes on the prize – which is to land a husband. And by the way they walk across the steps, there’s no stopping them!



9. Getting lost in the Waleed building



Preparing for the possibility of never finding your way out when you are looking for your class and end up passing by the same bathroom 17 times.



10. Taking field trips with your class to the unknown places on campus



Discovering new worlds – after being in university for three years – in the part of the garden that’s in front of Bassily Hall.



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