10 Recipes To Make You Fall in Love With Your Morning Toast

Sick of avocado toast? There’re a million and two ways to eat grainy seedy toasts beyond a club or grilled cheese sandwich. The childhood food staple doesn’t receive enough credit for its well-rounded options of deliciousness. If you’re struggling to finish half a loaf of bread, or tired of the slimy childhood lunch box peanut butter and jelly, here’s 10 revolutionary ways you can re-love toast.

Almond butter and mixed berries

Nibble this snack in the morning or before a workout for a quick natural energy fix. It’s full of antioxidants from the berries and honey too. Just spread hearty almond butter and top with the berries and honey and you’re good to go.

Peanut butter cookie

Cookie lovers who love cookies but can’t handle the calories, this one is for you. A simple toast with thick peanut butter spread finished with dazzles of condensed milk. Guilt-free and easy, there’s no room to mess up. 

Or…chocolate chip cookie!

Nutella is so overrated. We want the old fashion chocolate chip cookie taste. No mixer needed, simply add a few tablespoons of butter, dot on chocolate chips, and sprinkle with vanilla extract. Bake in the oven until toasted and melted. You’re welcome.

lackberry and goat cheese

Speaking of cookies, these toasts are a cheesecake lover’s delight. Start with a thick layer of goat cheese, scoop the fresh jam on top and sprinkle fresh mint.

Hummus Avocado

Meet the most underrated combo: hummus and toast. There are a million and one options for how to make hummus toast alone. The Levantine staple is good for more than a dip. Here, it’s topped with avocado for the addicted who’re too loyal to avocado toast. 

 Cheese with Apricot

We’re replacing the old school peanut butter and jelly for cheese and apricot jam. Just as satisfying, and slightly more addictive, this toast will for sure add extra happiness to your mornings. Pair it with any cheese of your choice; cream cheese, labneh, or cheddar if youre feeling bold, and spread jam. 

Garlic mushroom

You might need fancier toast for this gourmet recipe. Butter-fried garlic and mushrooms over a bed of herbed ricotta spread will bring wholeness and a taste of Italy to you. Earthy, sweet, and a bit bitter, this is the best savory toast. For the full gourmet recipe, click here

Pizza toast

Although this sounds like the ultimate broke college student’s food, we promise this hack is delicious. Yes, you can have pizza for breakfast and guess what? It only takes two minutes. Splash tomato sauce on toast, throw in some pepperonis and finish with mozzarella cheese. Toast till perfection and viola. Although it’s not a deep dish pizza, it’s an amazing hack. Just imagine this as a late night snack with pineapples. Yum.

Cream cheese and fig

Skip playing it safe with strawberries and jump into some vibrant figs. This snack is an adult twist on bland toast that you won’t get enough of. Spread a generous amount of cream cheese, add sliced figs, drizzle some honey, and finish with sesame seeds. 

Labneh, toasted hazelnuts, and honey

Honey and labneh is the Middle Eastern peanut butter and jelly. So dear to our hearts, yet sometimes bland. The toasted hazelnuts will make you hit cloud nine. I repeat, toasted hazelnuts! Don’t ruin this combo by adding raw or packaged nuts. Bring a pan and heat it to medium, then toast those bad boys till browned. If you’re feeling creative, you can also go for pistachios or roasted pecans.

WE SAID THIS: Switch your store-bought toast for a freshly baked loaf from your local bakery, or even better, bake some bread yourself!