10 Life Changing Things I’ve Learned In My 20s… So Far!

In an effort to try understand life and myself, I have narrowed down the most important lessons that I have so far discovered in my journey of being a twenty-something-year-old. Some have called it the defining decade, others call it years of young adulthood, and few are dealing with it as a quarter-life crisis. Take a deep breath, and note the following:



1. It passes quickly




Time is precious. I vividly remember the night I spent with my sister and friends laying on the shores of Mexico awaiting the sunrise. It was the day I turned 20. It feels like yesterday. Before I knew it, I’m in my late 20s.

Time waits for no one. Make sure that you enjoy every moment and make it count, don’t waste time thinking of the past and don’t over think the future.

Everyone I know wishes there was a way to slow down time so it wasn’t as fleeting. Thankfully, this latest infographic has proved helpful.



2. Spend or invest your money while you have it



My grandma always says “save for a rainy day” and I couldn’t agree more, make sure that you save as much as you can while you are earning money, but also remember, your 20s is about making money and having fewer responsibilities. Splurge or take a risk at an investment before real-life commitments hit hard.



3. Lines will start to show on your face and maybe a few white hairs



Use sunscreen and avoid the sun. Keep your skin hydrated and use homemade facial treatments – they work much more effectively that the $200+ anti-aging creams. Trust.



4. Your body is your temple



It should be your utmost priority. Your body will change, and you will have to work harder to maintain it. Develop an active, and healthy lifestyle. And remember, drink lots of water.



5. Travel



Nothing will change your perspective, teach you, inspire you and open your mind as much as travel. I have gained some of the most amazing friendships from traveling and was inspired for my business ideas during traveling.



6. Happiness is a choice



Life will get much tougher in your 20s. You will face hard, life-changing decisions. I learned that no matter what life throws your way, being happy is a personal choice. A person, money or a job are not going to give you happiness. A car might bring you happiness, but it’s short-lived.



7. Find a mentor



I have been lucky to have found a few people who I look up to and from whom I can seek advice. But lately, I have been finding my mentors in my books. Reading will expand your mind and thought process to new levels.



8. Act on your dreams



No one is going to hand you your dreams, no one but you really knows what your dreams are. Whatever you want, you have to work for it yourself. Don’t expect help or support from anyone. You will always find help and support, but don’t expect or wait for it. Act upon it.



9. Relationships



Stop wasting time and effort on toxic relationships or finding “the one”. It will happen when it happens. Focus on achieving your goals, bettering yourself and expanding your hobbies and friend circles. In truth, this advice doesn’t apply to me, and you probably won’t follow through either, but hopefully our kids will.



10. No one has it together so don’t feel pressured to have it all figured out



Your 20s is the time for trial and error. It’s the best time to experiment and explore your options, it’s about meeting people and dumping people, studying and changing majors, changing careers and jobs. So go ahead, live it up, enjoy the journey and make it count.



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