10 Misconceptions About AUC You Hear Everywhere

I have always had a fabled impression of AUC, until I joined its undergraduate program. I imagined it to be something completely different from reality, because of the perception of AUC that I had gotten from pretty much the whole Egyptian society. Non-AUCians seem to have an extremely wrong idea of what AUC really is, to the point that it’s becoming extremely irritating and annoying.

Here are 10 misconceptions about AUC that AUCians hear daily:




1. “AUC gama3a arba3 senyeen”




Okay, let’s get this straight. AUC MESH gama3a arba3 senyeen!

Most majors are purposely designed for you to spend more than four years in university. On top of that, if you decide to repeat a course, change majors, double major or even minor, there goes another four years of your life.




2. “AUCians beyla2o sho5l f sanya”




This is a myth that we like to believe. Let’s be honest, AUC looks great on your CV and the diploma is pretty and all. But the best thing to do with this diploma is to frame it on your bedroom wall.

With Egypt’s horrible economic conditions, it’s extremely hard for anyone to find a decent job regardless of their certificate.




3. “AUCians bey2bado aktar men kol had”




Please refer to #2. That’s if we even find a job!

But if we are somehow lucky enough, we get paid the exact same salary as any other graduate.




4. “El gam3a kolaha engineering”




Kezb! El gam3a kolaha undeclared.




5. “Hatla2y sheryek ahlamak fe AUC”




Seriously? Do I even need to elaborate on this one?




6. “All AUCians are all English all za time”




This is definitely not the case. There are three types of people in AUC: There are those who speak fluent English, there are those who have created their own language by mixing Arabic and English together and there are those who don’t even know how to speak English.




7. “AUCians are always partying”




Trust me, we wish we were! With the amount of assignments, midterms and workload we have, we barely have enough time to breath, let alone party.




8. “El banat fe AUC 3alatool metshaykeen”




If you believe this myth, then you’re definitely not updated on the recent fashion trends. The trend now is to rock a gym wear look regardless of your fitness status. Girls now wear yoga pants and sweat pants even if they’re not going to the gym.




9. “AUCians kolhom welad bashawat”




This myth can probably be dated back to 1919 when AUC was first founded. Everyone outside of AUC assumes that AUC’s students are all elite. Well, this is not true. AUC is a sample of the whole Egyptian population. The social class diversity in AUC will shock you.




10. “AUC nady mesh gam3a”




You’ve probably heard this one the most, and we get where people are getting it from. The amount of concerts and student activities in AUC make it seem like it’s more of a club than a university. But people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover — there’s still an academic and educational side to AUC.




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