We Asked 14 Egyptian Moms to Confess and These Are Their Guiltiest Secrets


When you think of Egyptian moms, you imagine honesty, warmth, sacrifice, but as an Egyptian mommy myself, let me tell you that we are nowhere near perfect. We are exhausted, we dream of five minutes of privacy and we are damn ecstatic when kids leave the house. We do miss you, but please let us be for a few hours.

It is true confessions day and we decided to force 14 women to share with us what really goes on in the darkest pits of their souls.




Mommy 1



I hate that my kid is a copy of my sister-in-law. I thank God every day that she’s healthy and happy, but sometimes when I look at her and see her aunt’s face, who I absolutely hate, I start eating like crazy.




Mommy 2




My girl has a wild afro. Every night, I pray to God that she forgets about her nightly shower so I don’t have to untangle the locks. Sometimes, I tell her there’s a water cut so she stops nagging and go to bed.




Mommy 3


bribing kids.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-large


I wait until my boy goes to bed and I eat all the candy he forgot about.




Mommy 4



I still co-sleep with my one-and-a-half-year-old boy and I hate it. I feel awful about it since I loved sharing the bed with his older sister for three years. I can’t wait until he leaves the room.




Mommy 5




I sometimes forget about my girl’s homework and only remember after she goes to bed. I always fake forget to put it in her school bag, but she always tells her teacher about my bad deeds. Mabtostorsh.




Mommy 6


Kids doing homework isolated on white background


Karwatet el homework has become my lifestyle. She has to write Arabic with all the tashkeel on the letters and I have no idea how to do it so I tell her it’s not important.




Mommy 7




I can’t wait until my toddler goes to nursery every day. Even when I finish work early, I leave her there until the last minute so I can simply breath without hearing the words ‘3ayza’.




Mommy 8




I hate it when we are done with our bedtime routine and her teeth are brushed, then she realizes she’s hungry. By the time we are ready for bed, I am already walking like a zombie. Just the thought of making a sandwich sounds like climbing Mount Everest. Honestly, I tell her, ‘No, just go to bed. You will be fine in a minute.’




Mommy 9


Sports camp


I hate weekends and summer vacations. If it wasn’t for summer camps, I think I would have died. I swear that the first day of school is more joyful than my wedding day.




Mommy 10




He’s only two years old and I can’t wait until he gets married or just leaves the house.




Mommy 11




My kid keeps blabbering in my ear for hours. I just block out his beautiful voice and nod with eyes wide open, total interest and a smile. I just pray he doesn’t ask any sudden questions.




Mommy 12




She has an extremely noisy set of drums. After a month of her banging and me suffering from a chronic headache, I threw the toy out and told her I didn’t know where it went. She was devastated, but I learned my lesson: No musical toys again.




Mommy 13




I used to leave the door unlocked while peeing because for some reason my kid always had to barge into the bathroom and just stare at me. Now two years later, I found it in me to lock the damn door and leave him crying outside while I scroll through my Facebook homepage on the toilet. My life has changed monumentally.




Mommy 14



I hate leaving my kid with the iPad, but when it’s time for the Niran Sadiqa TV show re-run on CBC Drama, I give her the iPad and my laptop just so I can watch in peace. It feels horrible.




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