10 Types of Moms on Egyptian School WhatsApp Groups

[Ed. Note: Although the content is different, this article was inspired by Radwa Elhamaky’s post in Arabic about the same topic.]


If you have been through nursery and school, then you will know what I’m talking about. Mom WhatsApp groups are now a necessity and we cannot survive without them. I have been through quite a few of these myself and have noticed that us moms come in many different types and forms:



1. The Mom Who Knows Everything



She has more kids in school that are older than yours and has been through it all before. She knows all the important dates and always has the answer to everything. If you are lucky enough to have this mom in your group, hold on to her and never let her go. She will be your guide until the end of the year.



2. The Clueless Mom



The opposite end of the spectrum. This mom has no idea what’s going on. Homework? What homework? What parade? Agaza? Emta? Ento bet2oolo eh? Who am I?



3. The Pushy Mom



This mom has more energy than the entire group combined. PTA meetings?? Let’s attend!! Your kid came home without his lunchbox?? Let’s go complain!! Let’s ALL go!



4. The Working Mom




School play tany?? Mish kan lissa fe wa7da? Ana hatrefed. Teftekro hayez3al law mala2aneesh?



images5. The Mom Who Sends Too Many Pics


She claims that she is sending you pictures of the entire class, but really, they are pictures of mainly her kid. After 200 photos you find your child hovering in the background and he really doesn’t look that great. Be kind to our memory space.



6. The Mom Who Replaces All Her ‘The’s with ‘Z’



Or just any ‘Th’, really. The thing about this mom is when you meet her, she does not really talk like zis out loud. So why do you type like zat?



7. The Mom Who Confuses All Her ‘B’s and ‘P’s



You know what the worst kind is? A combination of numbers 6 and 7. Pecause zen we really have a broplem.




8. The Mom Who Holds on to Her Heritage


في إيه يا جماعة ؟ هو مش احنا كلنا مصريين ؟ مالو العربي؟



9. The Business Mom



This mom has her own business and uses the group to advertise and ask you to tell your friends about her. I am guilty of this myself. Please like my blog’s Facebook page. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/mommyst. Have you liked it yet? How about now? Have you told your friends? All of them? How about now?



10. The Silent Mom



This mom tells you how happy she was to have known you all at the very end of the year, except no one really knows who she is because that was the first time she ever said anything. Creepy.



This is of course all in good fun, and I think all of you mommies are amazing. Except you, mommy that types Z and Zis. Seriously, why?



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