13 Confessions From Egyptian Restaurant Owners That Will Freak You Out



We all go to restaurants, we all have our favorite one, we order from them every day, but do we know what actually happens behind the scenes? Do you know how your sweet and sour chicken gets made? Probably not.

We here at Scoop Empire have reached out to the owners of some of the city’s top eateries (which will stay unnamed for obvious reasons, which you’ll find out in a second) and asked them to tell us all the things that have happened at their restaurants that remain secret and hidden.


I once caught the security guard of my own restaurant watching porn during his shift.


A customer once ordered roz me3ammar, but we brought him roz bel-laban instead on purpose for his nasty attitude.


I’ve had some waiters take food from the customers’ plates in the kitchen before serving them and then eat it when they come back.


The shisha boy who I fired recently used to make two or three shishas a day for his own personal use out of the restaurant’s stock.


We put sugar in our kids’ meals so the kids will like them more.


The special at most restaurants is whatever they need to get rid of before it goes bad. At least that’s how it is in my restaurant. Watch out for the shorba (soup) or anything samak (fish)!


I would never ever ask for lemon in food or drink. I own a restaurant and know full well that everybody touches them and nobody washes them.


We talk shit about customers all the time in the kitchen. If you think we hate you, we probably do.


I’ve had some waiters work high (on hashish) before in my restaurant. They’re surprisingly still working for me.


Avoid coming to restaurants on days such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. There’s always a lot of pressure on the kitchen and the chefs end up not paying as much attention to the food.


If you want to tip a specific waiter, give the money directly to them. If you just leave it in the check book, there’s a high chance they’ll never get it.


I’ve asked some of my waiters to be late for specific customers on purpose because they were rude and did things such as whistle or snap their fingers.


I’ve deducted the salaries of some of my waiters who I accidentally found out that they don’t wash their hands after they go to the bathroom.



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