Ukraine To Invest $2 Billion in Egypt and Here’s Why!

By Febronia Hanna

The Ukranian grain trading company, Nebulon, is said to invest $2 billion in Egypt. The money is to be used in building new grain silos and transportation. This was announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Supply on Sunday.

Via Canadian Protein

In a statement, the ministry announced that the silos will be developed in two sites near Alexandria and Damietta ports. With the capacity of 2,000 tons of grains, 20 barges will be built. The first phase of investments will take place in the next two years, as announced by the ministry.

Egypt has been working really hard on encouraging people to invest their money in Egypt and thus the hashtag #Invest_In_Egypt that has invaded the Egyptian televisions’ screens.

WE SAID THIS: Thanks Ukraine, Good luck with the World Cup!