Omar Hegazy to Take His Artificial Limb on an Exodus-Inspired Adventure in the Holy Land of Compassion

Via Omar Hegazi

Tomorrow, one Egyptian man will be making history, and not just by embarking on a first of its kind adventure, but by shattering all the stereotypes about physical disabilities. Egyptian Swimmer Omar Hegazy is challenging his disability and taking his artificial limb on an epic journey, inspired by the Exodus of Moses, called #HistoryIsNow.

Hegazy is hitting the same road and crossing our beloved land of Sinai from the far end of the peninsula all the way to the Great Pyramids of Giza in 11 days only! The adventurer will be crossing the 700km-long desert cycling, kayaking, and hiking; all activities he’s never practiced before his accident. It’s also worth mentioning that the Ministry of Youth, as well as Giza Systems, are supporting Hegazy’s historic adventure.

Omar trained extensively with sports experts, Coach Aly Mazhar and Dr. Ansary, who from his point of view are helping him achieve the impossible. But is it really impossible after all? “Failing is a possibility, but success is my belief,” Hegazy told us. This is his opportunity to test his abilities, however, the end result shall not label him once and for all, but should rather push him forward towards new milestones.

WE SAID THIS: We’ll be awaiting his return on the 30th of November. Meanwhile, you can follow his journey on the hashtag #LegEndsofEgypt