Hana Shiha Shared a Romantic Moment with her Husband and the Internet Just Couldn’t Handle it!

The evil eye exists and we’re worried about our favorite Shiha sister. Egyptian Starlet, Hana Shiha, just shared what was meant to be a romantic moment with her husband, Ahmed Falawkas. The newlywed couple posed in front of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, with eyes filled with nothing but love. The actor carried his wife in a classic newlywed style, over the threshold, with a caption saying “Feeling in love, I’m in safe hands ..”. Sigh much?

Via Hana Shiha

It’s 2018 and what is a normal day without the Internet making a big deal out of a normal moment? Well, we’re all forever single, so I guess it’s only normal for us to hyperventilate when we catch a glimpse of real romance online. And no, there’s nothing normal about a hot guy carrying a hot lady on Instagram. We refuse to believe it exists and so does these hilarious women.

He’s carrying her and her bag
Why did I see this in the morning? Where are my safe hands? When will I be carried?
I’ll cry in one second
Take me, God!
Dear God, may my crush love me and keep me in safe hands too
Dear God, one Ahmed Falawkas, please! 

Dear Hana, it’s time to read some Quran or burn some incense, for that the evil eye of the Internet is coming.

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