Cairo To Have a New Metro Tunnel Leading to The City’s International Airport

The theme for this article would probably be “better late than never” … If you read the article’s title you’d probably get what I mean by this! But yet again; better late than never!

Finally, there will be a metro line that leads directly to Cairo’s International Airport and a lot of French companies has joined in the pitch so that they can construct the tunnel.

According to Egypt Today; A group of French companies officially has presented a technical and financial offer to the National Authority of Tunnels (NAT) to build the underground part of the metro project leading to Cairo Airport, according to a Sunday statement.

As stated by Tarek Aboul Wafa, Head of the Central Administration of Planning at NAT, the initial loan will be 300 million euros that will be granted by France.

WE SAID THIS: We will keep you updated with all the developments. Stay tuned!