Meet Sarah Al Zaidi, The Saudi Artist Creating Lively Portraits Using Nothing But Gemstones

All artists find themselves torn between their vision and the methods they need to employ to achieve it. Some need to go above and beyond to bring their art to life. Sarah Al-Zaidi, a Saudi artist, has done exactly that, forgoing the usual procedures and going for a new style of her own.

The talented artist combines gemstones and other minerals that she collects to create amazing, mosaic-like pieces that astound anyone who looks at them! She is an artist who developed a love for art at a young age and blossomed in it, as evidenced by her work.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman inspired Al-Zaidi, who spent five months making a portrait of him out of gemstones and other minerals she obtained from Jabal Tuwaiq, a mountain in the Kingdom’s north. It took her two million pieces to finish her artwork.

Princess Diana was Sarah’s second artwork after she was inspired to portray other people she had long adored. She claimed:

To depict the princess in a green gown, I utilized only beads and buttons. In that piece, I selected buttons because I believe that such materials may clearly represent the nature of any female.

Sarah Al-Zaidi via Arab News

The message she intended to get through with the piece was that the princess was still remembered by a lot of people. She delivered her “precious” work, which she said she would be proud of for the rest of her life.

Al-Zaidi believes her work is perfectly aligned with the crown prince’s 2030 Saudi vision, which focuses on elevating the country’s artistic culture and placing a large emphasis on the many accomplishments that Saudi women have made in recent years, whether in sports or the arts. They are without a doubt the cornerstone of Saudi society. She also hopes that other Saudi women would be inspired to pursue their aspirations and passions that are reflective of their artistic personalities.

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