Anas Jaber Auctions Her Tennis Racket For Over $9.6K To Support Tunisia

With the high numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths in Tunisia, the country is struggling. The country’s resources are failing to meet the needs of its citizens, from medicine, oxygen cylinders and vaccines. In response to that, Tunisian tennis player, Anas Jaber has auctioned her racket up for over 27,000 Tunisian Dinars ($9,668) will use the proceeds to help her country.

Tunisian Anas Jaber crowned “Birmingham” – Takatuf Magazines
Via Takatuf.

Jaber, also known as Ons Jabeur is a 26-year-old professional Tunisian tennis player. She ranked 24th in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association. And she is the first Arab woman to reach the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam tournament. And this week she got qualified for the quarter-finals of the Wimbledon Championship, making her an inspiration for all Arabs.

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Jaber announced on her Instagram account that she hates seeing her country going through so much pain. To help, she will be putting the tennis racket she used during the Wimbledon Championship up for auction and donate the proceeds to help Tunisia with its struggles with the coronavirus pandemic

With the strict curfew in Tunisia and hospitals at full capacity, its people are suffering. Jaber said that like any Tunisian, she cannot stand seeing her country go through these difficult circumstances, which is why she’s trying to help in any possible way.

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