Dubai’s New Digitized Taxi Fleet Has Wi-Fi and Flat Screens

by Rana Elhawary

Just in case you needed one more reason to want to move to Dubai, they have just released taxis with Wi-Fi service and interactive smart screens!


via: legendtours


Dubai has officially started implementing its plan to digitize its taxi fleet, with yesterday already marking the release of 700 taxis equipped with either interactive flat screens, Wi-Fi, or both.


Dubai’s Taxi Corporation, in collaboration with Dubai’s Road and Transportation Authority, are planning to release a total of 1,314 such taxis as part of the second phase to digitize Dubai’s entire taxi fleet, which amounts to 5,000 taxis.




Such digitized taxis will not only help out tourists who may not easily have Internet access on their phones elsewhere, but they’re also designed to help consumers evaluate their experiences using these taxis. This will likely ensure an overall increased quality of safety and service for all of Dubai’s taxi users.



WE SAID THIS: Dubai, stop! No seriously stop, because we are jealous, yet again!


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