6 Locations You Can Find Nile Co.’s Absolutely Gorgeous Tiles At


If you’ve seen the list of Nile Co.’s clientele, you’ll realize that you’ve probably walked all over their art at least once in your life. They’ve done work for some of Egypt’s most popular places, including, but not limited to, universities, public institutions, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and sporting clubs.


Founded in 1942 by the pioneering Egyptian industrialist, Ibrahim Abdel Hafiz, Nile Co. is the largest cement tiles manufacturer in Egypt. Nile Co. is known for their international quality standards, and their commitment to continuous improvement and constant research and technological development.


What most people don’t know is that you don’t have to own a restaurant or a hotel to enjoy their Instagrammable designs. Every single Nile Co. design is available for home purchase and can be customized, even the beautiful ones that you can see all around Cairo in the list below.



Can we take a second to appreciate their unique display at Gourmet’s Sheikh Zayed branch


Gourmet – Sheikh Zayed



And how elegant Nile Co.’s tiles look at Heliopolis Club


Heliopolis Club



These Tumblr-esque tiles at Zooba will make every Instagram fiend want to take a picture of with their shoes





The majestic marble tiles in Marriott Zamalek can’t get any more royal!


Marriott Zamalek



These colorful tiles at Pottery’s Courtyard Maadi branch that will brighten anyone’s day


Pottery Cafe- Maadi Courtyard



You can definitely take your Instagram game to a whole new level with their tiles that are located at Tamara Lebanese Bistro’s CFC branch


Tamara CFC


All of Nile Co.’s tiles are all authentically handmade in Egypt. If you can’t get enough of those stunning designs, we advise you to visit Nile Co’s Showroom in Zamalek; where you can actually take the tiles back home and apply them to your personal style.



WE SAID THIS: Thank you Nile Co. for letting us walk all over you (in the best way possible)!