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Food Review: The Medley in Zamalek

Food Review: The Medley in Zamalek

The hunt for a good salad or a salad bar in Cairo often ends in disappointment. Even if there are places out there that offer good salads on their menu, there is hardly a restaurant that offers an extensive salad bar with interesting ingredients and options. To my utmost surprise, The Medley scored a home […]

Food Review: Izumi At Dusit Thani

Located in one of Egypt’s best hotels Dusit Thani, Japanese restaurant Izumi prides itself for its authentic dishes served with an Egyptian twist to accommodate all tastes. Izumi, meaning “water spring” in Japanese, guarantees fresh ingredients and overlooks Dusit Thani’s modern lobby. This new sushi spot is the place to go for a romantic dinner or […]

Rossopomodoro: A New Discovery and Pleasant Surprise

Seldom does one pick a restaurant randomly to be rewarded by swift service, amazing ambiance and, best of all, remarkable food. Simply put, Rossopomodoro was indeed a pleasant “walk in” surprise. A franchise owned by a Saudi Arabian food lover in the Middle East, Rossopomodorro’s menu is based on authentic Italian ingredients and recipes. With […]

Sequoia: The Exotic Mediterranean Cuisine

  Every dinning place has its “hero,” whether it is a main dish, a setup, a particular drink, a location etc…  Sequoia never falls short of dinners because of its location and the way it sets itself in the market. There is a bunch of elements –other than the food–which make it a desired destination: […]

Al Balad Casual Lebanese Dining

The act and experience of dinning is as much about the quality and taste of food as about the display and the ability to provide new and interesting varieties of ingredients while staying loyal to the quality, taste, and identity of the place by which the food is served. Al Balad, a Lebanese franchise, launched its […]

Cairo Kitchen Review

Serving in Ramadan is a tricky business. The hungry crowd is usually very skeptical because “no one offers food like home.” Cairo Kitchen has taken up the challenge and sure enough, has to a great extent succeeded. A celebratory colorful place, it marvels to stand out with its authenticity and uniqueness. Cairo Kitchen created its […]

Food Review: Gourmet Burger Cairo

“Gourmet” and “Burger” are two words that automatically incite excitement, curiosity and anticipation of a mouth-watering experience.  At first Gourmet Burger, a dainty little place on the corner of Zamalek’s infamous Brazil Street, meets expectations in terms of creativity and its stand-out brand of burger making that separates it from the rest. GBC’s menu is […]