Asser Yassin Goes Shirtless on His Insta Stories, You’re Welcome

by Reham Youssef

We here at Scoop Empire have officially declared October the Thirst Month — for obvious reasons.



As if it wasn’t enough that Tunisian beefcake, Dhafer L’Abidine, decided to demonstrate his eshta eating skills in an Instagram video, but no, Egyptian hunk Asser Yassin had to take things to the next level.


Via Enigma


Yassin took to his Instagram with Mazen Yassen of Just A Go Pro-er and other friends and posted a few Stories, and the world as we know it changed forever. The Talateen Yoom actor decided to hang with his besties, play some tunes on his guitar, and most importantly, take his shirt off.



Below are some screenshots — we may or may not have taken — from his Insta Stories.



Via Asser Yassin


Via Asser Yassin


Via Asser Yassin


Via Asser Yassin



WE SAID THIS: Make sure to check them out before they vanish!


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