Women Lose It Over a Video of Dhafer L’Abidine Doing the Most Basic Thing…Eating


Full-time Tunisian beefcake, part-time actor, the one and only Dhafer L’Abidine has turned the Internet into a thirst zone with a video of him doing the most basic thing ever: eating.


The post reads: Why would you do such a thing to us? We can’t anymore.


The beautiful actor was on set shooting one of his new movies in Beirut, and decided to take a break and eat eshta. Needless to say, women on the interwebz totally lost it.


The post reads: What kind of desserts is this???


From some calling him halawa (the actual dessert itself), to others begging him to stop posting such videos because they cannot withstand them, it was amazing.



WE SAID THIS: You sneaky Dhafer you.