Your Guide to Road Trips in and Around the UAE

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With a few days between us and summertime, many of the UAE’s residents are already packing their bags and getting on flights to their next excursions, but for those not traveling abroad this year, there is a lot to be done inside the Emirates.

One underrated activity that is not that popular with us Arabs is to going on road trips. Indeed, just as these two words are put together, a sense of adventure takes over the mind. Moreover, the UAE has a beautiful, off-the-beaten-track countryside that is just waiting to be discovered.

How many times were you on a train or a bus and saw a beautiful place but could not go? For me, it’s countless, but with a road trip, you get to choose where to go, and for how long you would like to stay. Road trips are not only a way for you to discover the UAE but yourself as well. Spending hours on the road with yourself or your friends will certainly help with your personal development.

So without further delay, here are our picks for the best road trips in the UAE and we’ve also included a few from around the Gulf region.

Mleiha, Sharjah

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Mleiha is one of Sharjah’s most hidden treasures. In order to find it, you need to venture deep into the Emirate. The area is renowned for its Fossil Rock formation in addition to the Mleiha Archaeological Center, which has a myriad of tombs dating back to between 2,000 and 2,500 B.C.

Salalah, Oman

When people think of the Arab World, they imagine only deserts. However, this is not this case with Salalah, the quiet Omani city by the Arabian Sea that turns into a lush, green landscape during the annual monsoon.

Al-Qudra Lake, Dubai

A few minutes’ drive from the city of Dubai, Al-Qudra Lake is a man-made lake that has a host of different, unique species, with a sunset view that can’t be found anywhere else in Dubai.

Dibba, Fujairah

On the borders between the UAE and Oman, Dibba is one of the most beautiful destinations in all of the Arabian Peninsula. It is well-known for its breathtaking coastline and azure blue waters.

Jebel Hafeet or Jebel Jais, Al-Ain

These are two of the most famous mountains in all of the UAE. Each hike is an adrenaline-pumping activity that rewards you with an unparalleled view of the city of Al-Ain. Also, at the foot of Jebel Hafeet mountain, you can visit Al-Ain Zoo, one of the leading zoos in all of the UAE.

Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi

The empty quarter of Abu Dhabi is one of the few places in the UAE where nature dominates. Liwa Oasis is an insanely-long drive, but the experience you are going to have there is definitely worth it.

Musandam Penisula, Oman

This enclave of Oman is often described as the Norway of Arabia for its out-of-this-worldly features. Once you arrive at Khasab, the main town in Musandam Peninsula, make sure to get on a traditional dhow and go on the cruise of a lifetime.

Hatta, enclave of Dubai

This northern enclave high in the Hajar mountains is a piece of heaven on Earth. With nature everywhere, it is hard not to find yourself at peace. It is one of the better ways for you to escape city life and delve into massive mountains and natural pools of crystal-clear waters.

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