You Won’t Believe These Absolutely Crazy Egyptian Tinder Stories

Everything in our lives has been touched and effected by the hands of the Internet. Indeed, even dating, relationships, and love have been transformed by the virtual world. Tinder – infamously known from its ‘swipe right’ approach to dating – has consequently become the gateway to both, finding love and finding casual hook-ups.




The virtual world, however, can’t take away that element we love and hate about all human interactions: craziness and randomness. Here are some crazy Egyptian Tinder stories.


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A guy tried to literally buy me once on Tinder. I am a new Tinder user, and I am using the application to find a serious relationship, not casual hook-ups; the latter is not just my thing, it is really not for me. So this when time – only a few days into Tinder – this guy messaged me, and said he was interested in me. From the very start he said he wanted to see me face-to-face, and I said I did not mind meeting up with him. He then proceeded to tell me that he really is not into the idea of going out and/or meeting me in public spaces, and that he wants me to come over to his large mansion located in the 6th of October. I refused, and said that I was not looking for that kind of relationship right now. He then asked me where I live, and I told him that I live in Heliopolis; he consequently said that he could pay for my rides to and from my house to his. Again, I declined his offer. It has been a few months and he continues to text me things like ‘I can buy you dresses, gifts, and pamper you, if only you would accept coming over to my place.’ The latest thing he sent – just a few days ago actually – was a picture of his house and pool. He just won’t take no for an answer, and he thinks he can buy me. It is funny, but still quite offensive, especially considering I made it clear from the onset that I was not looking for such a relationship.


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I came to meet a girl over Tinder, and we started to text intimately over WhatsApp. Eventually, I invited her to a spend a day with me and four of my friends in Ras Sudr. All was going well. The five of us partied, and drank. She got in the car with me, and she immediately fell asleep. I thought she was just tired and needed rest. All this changed, however, when I looked at her and her eyes were half open; I could partially see the white in her eyes, and her dark pupils were pointed towards the back of her head. Additionally she was panting, and barely breathing. I kept pulling the car over, and I eventually decided to drive her to the hospital. I was extremely scared and in a sincere panic. This was made worse by the fact that she kept trying to communicate something using her eyes and her right hand. This lasted for nearly an hour, till I was finally able to understand that the signals she had been making using her right hand were ones that signified an inhaler. It turned out she had asthma, and she wanted me to grab her inhaler from her purse.


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This story happened over the span of eight months. I met him – let’s call him Aly – over Tinder. Aly was really hot, and I was instantly attracted to him. We started chatting, and the more I talked to him, the more I was attracted. Two months later, I asked if we could go out, and he agreed. On the day we were supposed to meet, he cancelled and said he had a car accident. We arranged another time to meet, and he had another accident. This kept on going for three months. He then completely stopped answering his phone and my text messages. Then, a month later, I received a message from his phone which read ‘Hi I am Rania, Aly’s sister. Aly has been in a car accident and had a severe concussion. He is currently re-learning how to speak and walk. He told me to text you. You mean a lot to him, and he wants to marry you.’ I then kept trying to contact his phone, but with no answer. Finally, two months later, Rania texted me that Aly had passed away, and that she was interested in sleeping with me…



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