You Don’t Want to Miss Cairo Jazz Club’s Hey DJ Competition for Best Upcoming Talents

There is no cooler job in the city right now than being a DJ. The ever-rising party scene in Egypt has witnessed some insane and versatile talents these past few years. Each artist has managed to convey his own vision with an edge that sets him apart. I’m not into the deep house scene, however, I have to say my two favorite DJs are Nader Tahawy because he ALWAYS delivers; and Deerailed, Cairo Jazz Club resident lady DJ, because the future is female.

Today, a challenge like no other begins and the only winner is the crowd. Cairo Jazz Club is going to bless us with some wicked tunes by the best uprising talents across the city. After daring artists across the country brought it on for a music battle, 300 DJs applied and only 16 got qualified. Hey DJ’s four mentors, Mohasseb, A-Squared, Misty, and Ashmawy, each took the task to mentor four aspiring DJs with the aim of competing in the finals.


For the first round, Mohasseb and Misty’s prodigies go head to head today. DJs will be playing in pairs; every Monday in March, a new round will follow. Your vote counts along with the competition’s judges; Ouzo, SHIHA Ahmed Eid, and Omar Sherif. May the best entertainer win!



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