WWE Superstars Head to Jeddah To Teach Students How To Combat Bullying

Bullying, in all of its manifestations, has plagued our societies for years, and many people have been affected in various ways. It does us harm and causes us to question ourselves and our place in the world. This is due to the fact that bullying has a variety of detrimental consequences, particularly for children who are still creating their own mental view of the world. Cyberbullying is one type of bullying that has been on the rise as we move closer to a fully digital society that is increasingly reliant on social media. This is a type of bullying that occurs on social media platforms and frequently involves the perpetrator sending hate messages to his or her victims in an unethical manner, causing the victim to suffer significant mental harm.

On a positive note, WWE Superstars traveled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as part of the “Be A Star” program, which aims to teach young people to respect others through education and grassroots activities.

Students were greeted by none other than wrestling announcer Mike Rome when they arrived at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium. There were 60 girls and boys from Dar Al-Fikr School in Jeddah, ranging in age from three to nine, who all had the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s most famous athletes about loneliness and obstacles such as bullying.

The superstars who showed up included: Titus O’Neil, Natalya, Drew McIntyre, Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan, Nikki A.S.H, and Riddle. Additionally, some of the activities they had included were first dividing them into three groups with two superstars each to get to know each other and connect on various topics.

Then, the topic of cyberbullying was brought up; at this point, the superstars discussed how being different was not a bad thing, as well as how they deal with unpleasant feelings and what to do if someone else was having similar issues.

According to Arab News, WWE superstar Titus O’Neil discussed how cyberbullying can affect almost everybody on the earth. He stated:

It is up to us, people with a platform, to teach everyone how to deal with these things, how to manage their emotions, especially with cyberbullying. It doesn’t matter if you are in Jeddah or Texas, there are people online who are saying and doing mean things,

Titus O’Neil via Arab News

After all, don’t sportsmen experience a lot of mental tiredness as a result of their frequent exposure to fame and the demands placed on them by their fans? We’ve seen and read many accounts of outstanding athletes who have faced adversity as a result of their sports. Well, their presence at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium was undoubtedly something these children will never forget, especially when they saw their heroes right in front of them, motivating them by having open and honest conversations about their mental health, which has long been lacking in the Middle East.

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