World Cup Round of 16 Preview

and Cavani (Uruguay)

Today, the World Cup is really starting and it has a theme: the Titans vs. the Underdogs! The best thing is there must be a winner.

We are hoping for a lot of matches with extra time and penalties. Let’s review:


Brazil vs. Chile

Neymar (Brazil) and Vidal (Chile)

One of the tournament’s surprises will face the host for a place in the Quarter Finals. For Brazil to win, they must bring their A game and not just depend on Neymar’s skills, as they will face a well organized team that eliminated the former champions in the Group Stage. Also, Brazil hasn’t faced Chile in a while since they didn’t participate in the South America World Cup qualifications. It’ll be a tough and exciting game.

Our prediction: 70% Brazil, 30% Chile


Colombia vs. Uruguay

and Cavani (Uruguay)
Rodriguez (Colombia) and Cavani (Uruguay)

What’s better than Titan vs. Underdog? Underdog vs. Underdog! These two teams have nothing to lose, they both play beautiful football and they both miss their main strikers, Falcao the Tiger and Suarez the Biter! Don’t miss this match!

Our prediction: 55% Colombia, 45%Uruguay


Netherlands vs. Mexico

(Netherlands) and (Mexico)
Ochoa (Mexico) and Robben & Van Persie (Netherlands)

This match is between one of the highest scoring teams in the Group Stage and one of the best defenses, with only one goal scored against them so far. It’s going to be a tough one for the Dutch men!

Our prediction: 60%Netherlands, 40%Mexico


Costa Rica vs. Greece

(Costa Rica) and (Greec)
Samaras (Greece) and Ruiz (Costa Rica)

Maybe the weakest match at this stage. Costa Rica did brilliantly at the Group Stage and qualified at top of their group, while Greece didn’t perform that well and qualified by a late penalty against Ivory Coast. This match will be more of cautious defensive type of match from both teams.

Our prediction: 65% Costa Rica, 35% Greece


France vs. Nigeria

Benzema (France) and Emenike (Nigeria)
Benzema (France) and Emenike (Nigeria)

This is kind of an easy match for the French. They have a strong offensive side, but some might be worried after they failed to score against Ecuador and the way Nigeria played against Argentina, managing to score twice.

Our prediction: 90% France, 10%Nigeria


Germany vs. Algeria

Muller (Germany) and Slimani (Algeria)
Muller (Germany) and Slimani (Algeria)

Algeria is so unlucky, having to face the Mannschaft at such an early stage after qualifying. The Germans have failed to qualify for the Quarter Finals only twice from their 18 World Cup appearances and with their amazing squad this year, it will be pretty hard to fail for a third time. All the odds are in their favor.

Our prediction: 95% Germany, 5 %Algeria


Argentina vs. Switzerland

Messi (Argentina) and Shaqiri (Switzerland)
Messi (Argentina) and Shaqiri (Switzerland)

Now this is a real challenge for the Argentinean team who hasn’t lived up to their hype yet. Other than Messi, the rest of the team is not performing as well as expected. On the other hand, the Swiss have a very young, hungry team with an expert coach, who we think will give Argentina some hard times.

Our prediction: 65% Argentina, 35% Switzerland


Belgium vs. USA

Hazard (Belgium) and Dempesy (USA)
Hazard (Belgium) and Dempesy (USA)

Belgium was considered this tournament’s dark horse, but after their not-so-convincing performance at the Group Stage, people started to wonder whether or not they were going to reach the Quarter Finals. The American side won’t be an easy team to overcome. This will be one of most competitive matches at this round.

Our prediction: 40% Belgium, 60% USA


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