Will Smith Accepted the ‘Yes Theory’ Heli Jumping Challenge and Here are the Three Conditions

Via Youtube

Hollywood’s Megastar, Will Smith, just dropped a huge unpredictable bomb; accepting Yes Theory’s challenge! Smith is going to do a Helicopter Bungee Jumping Challenge; But he’ll only do it under three conditions. First, that he will do the video for charity, second, that he will do this video after shooting his movie, and the third one, which he said is non- negotiable, that he will take the challenge only over the Grand Canyon.

“Yes Theory” is a YouTube channel, managed by four guys, who believe that life is exciting as long as you are willing to discomfort. These four guys started their channel by asking one question, “If you’re 99 years old and on your deathbed and you had a chance today what would you do right now?”. They are doing challenges with people in the streets to go skydiving, bungee jumping, to be kidnapped and more adventurous challenges.

Via yestheory.com

One of the co-founders and Directors of Yes Theory YouTube channel, Ammar Kandil, is an Egyptian 22-year-old who lives in the US. As you can see from the video, the guys are super excited, just as we are, for the Fresh Prince accepting their challenge!

WE SAID THIS: Can’t wait for the challenge to come to life.