Why Saudi Arabian Women Don’t Need a Man no More

Saudi Arabia is heading towards a bright future. So many things that couldn’t be, are now taking place casually within the Kingdom, with a sense of freedom and flexibility for women. Prince Mohammed bin Salman initiated Vision 2030, which launched a whole lot of changes. This initiative promises progress for Saudi Arabia, especially in regards to women. Saudi Arabian women now can advance in various fields, and be more included within society. Here we have six things things that women can now do on their own without a man in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Women can register for Hajj without a male guardian

People can register online for Hajj, and in the past, women needed a male guardian, also known as mahram. However, now they don’t. The ministry has the right to reject any request if it violates the organizing regulations. This year, though, the registration is limited to citizens and residents of the Kingdom. However, applicants that meet the mandatory health conditions and regulations will receive the permit.

Women can become soldiers

Saudi Arabia opens door for Women to join military - Commonwealth Union
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The Saudi Ministry of Defense has announced that women can now join the military and armed forces, and can become soldiers, sergeants or staff. This means they can join the Saudi Arabian Army, the Royal Saudi Air Defense, the Royal Saudi Navy, the Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force, or the Armed Forces Medical Service. Moreover, the applicants need to be between the ages of 21 and 40, and over 155 centimeters tall.

Women can travel without male consent

Before 2019, women needed a male guardian’s permission to travel. Whether it be her husband, brother, father, or whoever. That isn’t the case anymore though, as women can finally travel on their own without a man’s permission!

Women can live independently without a male guardian

Before Saudi Arabia’s initiatives, single, divorced, and widowed women had to have an official male guardian. Now, any adult woman has the right to choose where to live, and no longer needs the consent of her father or male guardian.

17 year old women can have a driving permit

Are You a Woman in Saudi Arabia? Tell Us How, or if, Your Country Is  Changing - The New York Times
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While women in Saudi Arabia gained the right to travel in 2019, women now aged 17 years old can acquire a driving permit. Of course, they have to be physically and mentally fit to drive, with no disabilities or diseases. Additionally, they need to have a valid residence permit, and pass the theoretical and practical driving exams. When they reach the age of 18, they can receive their driving license as long as they don’t have a criminal record.

Women can have jobs that were limited to men

Previously in Saudi Arabia, there were some jobs that were limited to just men. Women now are permitted to have such jobs as well, including for example, being a waitress in a restaurant, or a cashier in shops, to name a few.

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