Why are Government Jobs Still Popular Amongst the Youth?

Even when a private job pays well, millennials just like the previous generation, are craving government jobs. Even though it was felt that the scenario would change, and that private jobs will get a high number of seekers, the youth population has proved otherwise. There are plenty of reasons why people seek government jobs, and a few of the pros of working in a government sector are listed below. 

1. Standard working hours 

Even though private jobs have working hours, it is no secret that the actual working hours extend way more than the working hours which are mentioned in a contract. However, this is not the case with government jobs that have fixed standard working hours. If an employee is required to perform overtime in a government job, they are paid well for it. 

2. It has job security 

The job security risk in a private company is way too high, and the government jobs offer such security which may be lacking in the private sector. The chances that a government employee will ever lose their job is very slim, and most of the employees who work in a government job keep working until the time of retirement. 

3. The pay structure

After the sixth pay commission, government employees start to get paid a hefty sum. A fresh grad might get paid a lot more in a government job than a private one, where experienced people are paid more. In addition, experienced people are paid more in the private sector than their counterparts working in government jobs, which makes it a tricky situation. 

4. There are many perks 

Government jobs are filled with tons of perks and benefits which are not limited to, but include pension plans, medical insurance, retirement benefits, childcare, and housing loans. Such benefits are offered by only a few large private companies, but all government jobs ensure these perks and benefits for its employees. 

5. Salary increment is inevitable

In a government job, the salary increment is inevitable, and even though it has some connection with the performance, it does not completely rely on the performance of the employee. This makes it a huge plus factor, especially for the average performers. 

6. It comes with stability

Private companies can run out of business, as seen in the current COVID-19 pandemic, but the government sector never runs out of business. A department or sector of the government might change, but the government job will exist, as long as there is a government in the country. Many government jobs require the job seeker to go through different exams, and has to mark their name in the Sarkari Result for getting the job, but once the job is received, life becomes pretty stable. 

7. A healthy work-life balance is ensured

With a fixed number of working hours that is strictly respected, government jobs allow flexibility by ensuring a healthy work-life balance. After working a maximum of the standard eight hours a day, one can pursue their other hobbies in their free time. Working in the private sector on the other hand, most of the time, messes up the work-life balance which in turn, impacts the mental health negatively. 

8. Government jobs are less demanding

With relatively few targets, the nature of government jobs is such that they are not very demanding. Even though the government jobs have their own fixed set of goals, the timeline and deadline for the same are flexible, and not as rigid as the ones present in the private sector. 

These are a few of the reasons why a job in the government sector is still in demand. However, like everything else, a government job has its cons. For instance, the salary growth in government jobs is slow, which might not be a great thing for an overachiever. Secondly, the speed of matters in the government sector can be quite slow, and might require dozens of approvals. 

While choosing between a private job and a government job, one needs to consider these factors. The kind of lifestyle that one wants should govern the choice. Having said that, there is always an option available to switch from a private job into a government one, and vice-versa.

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