New Lebanese Government: A New Hope or More of The Same?

After a 13 months gruelling process, on Friday, September 11th, the new Lebanese government was introduced by the newly appointed prime minister, Najib Mikati. Mikati himself is no stranger to politics, having led the country twice before as Prime Minister. Despite public outcry and demands for a non-elitist government, the appointment of Mikati, who is one of the richest businessmen in Lebanon, seems to be another disappointment to an already struggling nation.

The new government was formed under international pressure to receive much-needed aid to salvage Lebanon which is suffering under a crushing economic crisis. Although in many cases the circumstances aren’t ideal, all that the Lebanese people are asking for is some respite from the unrelenting toll of a crippled economy.

The new cabinet consists of 24 ministers, divided into 12 Muslims and 12 Christians as mandated by the Lebanese sectarian politics, only one of whom is a woman in this newly formed cabinet. In a speech, Mikati vows to deliver a plan to “rescue the country, ” but the Lebanese people remain sceptical.

The Cabinet Members in The Newly Appointed Lebanese Government

Deputy Prime Minister: Saadeh Al Shami
Foreign Minister: Abdallah Bou Habib
Interior Minister: Bassam Mawlawi
Defence Minister: Maurice Salem
Finance Minister: Youssef khalil
Justice Minister: Henry Khour
Economy Minister: Amin Salem
Health Minister: Firass Abaid
Environment Minister: Nasser Yassin
Public Works and Transport Minister: Ali Hamieh
Agriculture Minister: Abbas Al Hajj Hassan
Labor Minister: Moustafa Bayram
Education Minister: Abbas Halabi
Minister of the Displaced: Issam Sharafeddine
Information Minister: George Qordahi
Social Affairs: Hector Hajjar
Energy Minister: Walid Fayyad
Tourism Minister: Walid Nassar
Administrative Development: Najla Riachi
Sports and Youth Minister: George Kallas
Industry Minister: George Boujikian
Telecommunication Minister: Johnny Corm
Culture Minister: Mohammad Mortada

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