10 Reasons why Sahel Isn’t Over

Just because the parties and the long wait on Hacienda’s gates are over, doesn’t mean Sahel season is. For many of you, Sahel is your go-to place from late June through late August, but this definitely shouldn’t be the case. Before, enjoying the North Coast was all about going to the best beach parties and night clubs. It was about the simple state of having a good time. And that need not end in August, as we now know thanks to Roam Egypt, who graciously drop us their travel adventures throughout Egypt’s hidden gems. Two lifelong friends, photographer Taimor Othman and director Raouf El-Sayed, continuously show us that the North Coast’s beauty is not bound by the summer season, but rather, lives all year round. So, without further ado, we’ve gathered for you 10 reasons why this beautiful part of Egypt has a lot more to offer beyond its known “period.”

You can enjoy it more peacefully

Of course part of Sahel is about being a part of a community, sharing beautiful memories, and getting to know new people. However, outside of the crowd, when the hype is over, you can still get these same moments, but in more intimate settings. Whether it’s not having to calculate when rush hour is over so you’re not stuck in traffic, or you’re finding a last-minute way to get into the guest list of a certain night club, when you’re outside of this context, there are rare moments of genuine happiness that you get to make the most out of.

The sea  

As cliche as it sounds, the sea is a perfect get-away from whatever you’re going through. Add water to the problem, and it may temporarily go away. With water around you, there is never a certain “suitable” time to enjoy it, after all, its waves are endless!

Camel race

Unbeknownst to many, a camel’s race takes place at the North Coast. The race shares its roots back to the heritage of inhabitants from the area, who didn’t have a racing field before, but with one now, the races are on full throttle. Rewards are then given out to the winners of the race, and thanks to Roam Egypt who’ve made this event aware to us, the North Coast has earned an entirely different meaning.

El Alamein museums

The North Coast isn’t purely about beach time, although that’s the major reason most will go there. Throughout El Alamein, you’ll find a few museums that transcend time, showing evermore that Egypt’s extensive and unique history stretches across all corners of the country.

You can enjoy the beach without the crowd

We all know how crowded Sahel’s beaches get during the hot season. Well, if you have the chance to enjoy it when it’s empty, to have its stunning scenery all to yourself, how could you not take it? But that’s not it. If you need a break from the beach, make sure to drop by one of the Go-Kart areas and drift your worries away! Not in the mood for a party or not sure what to do after you’ve beached out? Roam Egypt shows us that you can go go about your day a little differently with the additional activities offered within the North Coast.

You can take out the social pressure 

For many, one of the most notable aspects of Sahel is the social pressure that comes with it. You don’t really get to enjoy it fully with all the distractions surrounding your access to that enjoyment. “Post-Sahel” season is that very opportunity to gain that full access, and to really experience what it’s like to enjoy summer through its most simplistic terms. And it’s people like Roam Egypt, sharing such experiences authentically, that really reveal to us the potential this spot has, even when it’s completely isolated.

You can make use of long weekends

With the ongoing pandemic, many of us get the opportunity to take a Thursday or a Sunday off, “working from home.” Ever tried working from beach? After all, Sahel is just a three-hour drive, so the best way to enjoy that long weekend is to make that drive worth your while.

You can eat fish by the lake 

Seagull’s Marina 2, by the lake, is open all year round. And for those of you who have tried it, are fully aware how absolutely delightful it is, not just for the tasty meal that melts in your mouth, but the stunning view that accompanies it.

You can enjoy the weather all through September 

It’s still hot after August, so instead of spending it melting in the car, or any stuffy place in Cairo, enjoy it by the beach and the breeze! Anyone with half a brain will know that Sahel’s weather is 180 degrees different from that of Cairo’s. So enjoy it while you still can!

You can still keep that tan going a little while longer

The kind of spotty tan you get in Cairo’s streets is incomparable to the bronzy one you get in Sahel’s beaches! When winter hits, you can say goodbye to this naturally-looking cheek-blusher! So, why wait another year, when you can make it less?

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