Roam Egypt Takes you on Untapped Hidden Quests Throughout Egypt Unlike any Other

Egypt, the land of hidden treasures and mystic lands. A land of ancient civilizations, of trade, of crystal waters, of dramatic scenery, and of the still unknown. Although there are specific locations around Egypt considered to be the standard go-to locations, Roam Egypt offers a new angle on the hidden as well as the famous gems of Egypt. Two lifelong friends, Taimor Othman and Raouf El-Sayed teamed up and are shredding the traveling experience one location at a time. Want to see for yourselves? Check out their page, and stay tuned as they drop their next video!

It was only natural for us to take a deeper look at the dynamic duo behind the scenes, so scroll down below to see what we found out!

An idea is born

Timmy and Roofy have been longtime acquaintances who share several things in common. Of course one of which is their passion and love for adventure. As they joined forces with each of their own specific set of skills, Roam Egypt was born. Showing the beauty of Egypt through a different set of lens, the commercial side and the lesser known and hidden side to it, their unique angle redefines the country as we’ve come to know it. “It has been on our mind for a while,” said Raouf, stating that during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that still continues to linger and hinder our traveling, it served as an additional boost in jumpstarting Roam Egypt. And what better time to be able to explore Egypt on a whole new level than now as the times of the world align with their vision?

Throughout the post-pandemic times, Raouf and Taimour realized how much more people from all corners of the globe have packed up their things and moved back to Egypt. He realized the various amounts of unfulfilled adventures just lurking around Egypt, waiting to be explored. “People have been having the on-the-go mindset for the last few years which makes them fairly open to seeing new destinations,” said Taimour.

Two sides to a coin 

Given the usual hotspots that are advertised and talked about when traveling around Egypt, the duo have taken into consideration the two sides of the coin and applied it on full throttle. They believe that within Egypt and its vast land and seas, lies even more potential gems that have yet to boast itself to the world. “Roam Egypt tries to focus on activities, meaning things to do and not just gems. For instance, I am big on hunting which I believe many people are or would be interested in exploring, while on the other hand, Taimour is into water and legit knows where to go,” said Raouf. A thorough amount of research is carried out by the duo before they venture into the unknown of the known. Undoubtedly the famous gems of Egypt are covered, but what else do such gems and locations consist of? What activities and captivating spots can be unearthed?

Art, meet adventure

With Raouf’s professional background and experience in the arts and commercial mindset, and blending it in with Taimour’s adventurous soul, Roam Egypt came into fruition. With two sides of the coin and two personalities putting faith into action, the dream became a reality, and the roaming goes on.

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