Who wore Yousef Al-Jasmi better: Kylie Jenner or Yasmin Sabry?

One Egyptian actress who has been setting red carpets on fire is Yasmine Sabry. Legs and hair locks for days and curves to kill for, Sabry has stepped up her game and raised the red carpet’s bar high!

Via Mario

For the past two years, one of the actress’ favorite designers has been Yousef Al-Jasmi. The designer surely turns her into a glam statue of diamonds and manages to accentuate her iconic curves.

Another young stunner from the other side of the globe who has been making global headlines is Kylie Jenner. The youngest Kardashian has blossomed into a curvaceous mom and it seems that she found a match made in heaven with Al-Jasmi as well. The Kuwaiti designer shared on social media his latest designs, styled by social media elites Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton. It goes without saying, Kylie rocked those gowns like no other woman.

Via Yousef AlJamsi
Via Yousef AlJamsi
Via Yousef AlJamsi
Via Yousef AlJamsi

One of the dresses Kylie wore is almost the same exact copy of Sabry’s gown at the Gouna Film Festival. Each lady brought a little something to the sheer diamond-covered gown, but we can’t help but ask. Who wore it better?

WE SAID THIS: We’re definitely team Yasmin, what about you?

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