Where to Eat, Drink, and Party on Egypt’s North Coast This Summer

Egypt’s North Coast, with its beautiful beaches and upscale resorts, is the perfect summer destination. This area is packed with fantastic spots for dining, relaxing, and enjoying vibrant nightlife. Here are some of the top places you must visit:

BAIA Beach House – Telal El Alamein

BAIA Beach House is a new beach club that blends elegant style with a relaxed, boho-chic atmosphere. It features delicate white curtains and wicker lamps, creating a peaceful and stylish setting.

You can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and refreshing cocktails there, making it an ideal spot for both daytime lounging and evening entertainment.

Pier 88 – Almaza Bay

Pier 88 is a famous spot known for its fine Italian dining and lively nightlife. Located on a floating platform, it offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The menu includes Italian classics and fresh seafood. At night, Pier 88 comes alive with music and DJ performances, making it a great place for fun and entertainment.

Monkey Rooftop – Almaza Bay

Monkey Rooftop is a trendy bar and restaurant located in Almaza Bay. It offers a fusion menu and colorful cocktails. The rooftop provides amazing views and a lively atmosphere, perfect for hanging out with friends during the day or night.

SASS – Hacienda Bay

SASS is an outdoor restaurant and nightclub in Hacienda Bay. During the day, it’s a luxurious spot for beach and pool lounging with delicious food and cocktails. At night, it transforms into a bustling nightclub with DJs and live performances, drawing a fashionable crowd ready to dance and have a good time.

SAX – Marassi

SAX combines fine dining with a luxurious setting. Originating from Beirut, it offers a menu of Mediterranean and international dishes. The elegant decor includes Murano glass and custom furniture, creating a sophisticated dining experience. It’s perfect for those looking for top-notch service and ambiance.

Greeka – Hacienda White

Greeka brings a taste of Greece to the North Coast. This lively restaurant and bar features Greek-inspired cuisine and exciting entertainment.

On weekends, you can enjoy live music, belly dancers, and DJs. Greeka also hosts special events like all-you-can-eat sushi nights and ladies’ nights, all in a modern yet charming Greek setting.

These hotspots offer a mix of relaxation, great food, and vibrant nightlife.

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