Breakfast Reimagined: Discover Dubai’s Quirkiest Morning Eateries

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the sleek city of Dubai lies a bustling food scene that puts many country’s restaurants and cafes to shame. We are not just talking about conventional restaurants. Instead, out-of-the-box eateries are known to dominate the city. If you crave to up your breakfast experience, these are the spots to hit up.

Embratoor Cook

It is time to step back in time to the olden days of Emirates culture and life. You can relive the Emirati 80s and get that much-needed rush of nostalgia by hitting up Dubai’s Embratoor Cook.

From stacked old Pepsi bottles to retro mobile phones, you wouldn’t know where to look first. There are even original copies of the Majid comic book.

With it being a place that boasts authentic Emirati vibes, you’ll also get to indulge in an authentic Emirati breakfast. For just 80 dirhams, you can dine on their Emirati breakfast set that includes Balaleet (vermicelli noodles topped with egg), eggs, tomato, chickpeas, chebab (Emirati pancakes), and much more.

The Pods

Ever craved to dine out in total privacy with friends and family? Dubai offers a way for you to do so. Meet the Pods, round glass spheres where you can privately dine with friends and family. Nestled in the heart of Bluewaters Island, these pods offer resplendent views of the Dubai skyline.

In these very pods, along with the privacy and gorgeous view, you’ll also get to enjoy a delicious brekkie. From fluffy pancakes topped with fresh berries and maple syrup to crushed avocado toast, you get to enjoy some of Dubai’s finest breakfast, all for only 49 dirhams.

The Farm Restaurant

Probably one of the most beautiful outdoor restaurants in Dubai, The Farm Restaurant is a unique eatery surrounded by lush greenery and artificial waterfalls. Located at Al Barari, this special eatery nestled in nature’s embrace is the perfect place to up your breakfast or brunch game.

Serving unconventional breakfast dishes, they like to play with ingredients and place a major focus on vegetables.

One dish that exemplifies their connection to nature is their pan-roasted portobello egg toast, which isn’t actually made with toast but instead uses hearty portobello mushrooms topped with eggs and a sprinkle of crispy garlic flakes. Give it a visit if you crave an escape to nature.

Raju Omlet

Egg lovers rejoice as there is a special eatery in Dubai that specializes in Indian egg dishes.

They are truly the O.G Egg Masters, and when you step into the restaurant, you’ll be transported to an egg haven. Across the walls are bold retro illustrations all about eggs, and then comes the true pièce de résistance, their egg dishes.

Have a seat and enjoy their wild egg creations, whether it’s their Eggs Kejriwal (spicy egg-and-cheese on toast) or their Rice Bhurji (scrambled egg rice packed with spices) with Masala Half Fry. These are just a few items from their expansive menu. Give it a visit to experience all that it has to offer.

What is special about all these eateries is that they offer both a unique experience and a delicious assortment of morning breakfast dishes.

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