Weirder-Than-Ever Ramadan Desserts Are Happening AGAIN

Ramadan is less than two days away and we are in serious panic mode. One minute we are hyperventilating over our caffeine withdrawal, the next minute we’re crying over the un-negotiable calories we are about to digest that have nowhere to go other than our tummies, love handles and thighs.


If you think you are going to get through the holy month this year looking like a model, dessert stores have a surprise for you and it’s unpleasant. So we’ve been nagging since last year about the loss of the classic konafa and basbusa following the red velvet, mango and Nutella invasion. This year things just got crazier and the calories just seem to be infinite in every bite we’ll take.




A cheese cake with Nutella covered zalabia topped with konafa and nuts made an appearance. Konafa krema, you’re dearly missed







Konafa nougat happened and we seriously don’t know why or how we feel about this, yet we’re sure people will go all piranha on it








Eclair karkade, eish saraya and dome just came to life and nothing makes sense anymore. What’s wrong with chocolate eclair in Ramadan?


Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 3.10.40 PM






The jar dessert has been trending for a while, yet red velvet flavoured basbusa with cream in a jar is a heart attack and an ambulance phone call waiting to happen







We’ve seen this last year but it was either kitkat or red velvet. This dessert is the epitome of double identity crisis and cellulite





WE SAID THIS: People of Egypt, save the damn konafa.