Weddings vs. Honeymoons: Which One Would You Pick If You Had To?

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Via Vietnam Travel Deals


Given the current economic crisis Egypt is going through, many (personal) choices are being limited. One of the dilemmas that I constantly see my friends and the people around me face is choosing whether to throw a wedding or go on a honeymoon.


I do, yes, understand that some people have the luxury of choosing both, however, this piece is not about those people. This piece is about the young adults who have to choose one of these options.


I’ve decided to take a comparative approach where I’ll try not to be biased towards my obvious favorite choice (which I’ll reveal later).





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Let’s start with weddings. There are several reasons why a couple would pick a wedding over a honeymoon.


There is this constant argument that weddings only happen once, and that couples can just travel whenever they can afford it after tying their knot. However, those who ditch their honeymoons for weddings are most likely not going to ever find the time to travel abroad; especially if they were blessed with a child in the beginning of their marriage.


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Another big reason why couples would choose a wedding over a honeymoon is to please their elders. Yes, couples deserve to be happy and have the absolute right to choose how to spend their money, but parents also deserve to be happy. Parents deserve to see their sons and daughters on their special night.


Last but not least, some women — I’m not in any way being sexist or politically incorrect, I am merely stating the fact that some women dream of their wedding night and having that Disney princess moment where they adorn their beautiful white dress in front of their Prince Charming — see their wedding day as the most important day of their entire life. This could also apply to men.





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If I ever get married, honeymoon will hands down win if it ever comes to the point where I have to choose. I would simply pick honeymoons because I’m not entirely sold on the idea of weddings themselves (at least how they are now). But more than that, I am #TeamHoneymoon because traveling is truly everything.


Why would I spend tens of thousands of Egyptian pounds on one night? I know my wedding day is special and everything, but it’s all just for one night; and I’m not about that life. You’re forced to invite people you don’t like, feed them, entertain them, and still by the end of it be judged by 85% of them.


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The money spent on a very average wedding could be easily spent on a beautiful honeymoon trip. Unlike weddings, honeymoons aren’t just one nights. Creating special memories, going on an adrenaline-fueled adventure, eating something you’ll regret with your life partner is way more important to me than just one expensive night at a 5-star hotel.


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WE SAID THIS: Let me know what you’d pick if you had to.