We Design Beirut: Six Venues Where Culture, Art & Heritage Come Together

Brought to life by Mariana Wehbe in collaboration with Samer Alameen, We Design Beirut is the event that will showcase Arab and regional design from May 23rd to May 26th through six exhibitions scattered across Beirut. Wehbe and Alameen shared with us what to expect from the event.

One of the 6 exhibition spaces is going to be the PSLab, an old factory space that will be used as a retrospective. In that space, artisans will come together and you’ll get to see them create and design their work live. From glass blowing to wood making, design work will come to life in that very space.

The other spaces will include Villa Audi, the Abroyan Factory, Iwan Maktabi, Studio Nada Debsa, and the interdesign building. These spaces represent the heritage and design landscape of the Lebanese capital.

Across these six exhibition spaces, three different themes will take center stage. One is the empowerment of artisans and their craft, the second is the sustainability of the environment, society, and students, and the third is the preservation of heritage, design culture, and the city.

Such an event would rejuvenate Beirut’s cultural and creative scene, especially after Beirut Design Week was discontinued in 2019.

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